Local Band
March 24 14

Band logo
Made of math pt 2
March 18 14

Scenic redone!
Mar 8 14
sailor moon bbw

Feb, 7, 14
Portrait of Puppy

Jan ?, 14

Princess Mononoke
Dec, 25, 13

Acrylic on artboard
Mack Makuta album cover
Oct, 18, 13

Sailor Moon T-shirt
Sept, 21, 13

Random Anime
August 27,13

Really wish I knew a Japanese speaking person to help me out when I do fake manga..
Gishwhes 2013

Made of Math

I'm now a vector artist
new shirt

these shirts are for sale! but made to order. Design by ursula at http://ursulantonia.blogspot.com/.
Modified Dremel plunge router 2

random panorama
May, 15, 2013

I'm printing shirts now
May, 15, 2013

more about this at http://ursulantonia.blogspot.com/2013/05/victors-t-shirt-success.html
Scifedelity “Free the Robots”

"Evoke: An Experiment of Art and Music" at the Highwire
My office

the office..
Chibi For A Friend

Its a manga style picture for a friend.
Businesss Card Design

Every time i do a text based graphic design job i never document the project! That ends today!
My Get Rich Quick Scheme
April, 7, 2013

Some time ago i applied for a loan completely dismissing the fact that i haven't walked the credit tightrope over the flames of poverty in order establish a "credible" form of credit . I was denied..
So in order to raise money to start a business I've decided to go a different route and start a business. Right now the only place I'm selling canvases is at STONEWALL Art Gallery.
1100 Broadway Ste 300R, San Antonio, TX.
Testing Homemade Canvas

I finally tested one these canvases I've been selling to people. Good news, they're not trash!
Wood Prints

My first attempt at screen printing since... man i don't know when but boom there it is..
The Light Table

Thanks to my inability to trust my measurements and overzealous frugality, this not quite expert level carpentry feat only took me like a billion hrs more than planned.. but for all its useful glory i can only appreciate its existence now that it is.
Here's two

New one

My new years resolution was to finish all my designs! Here's one, a thousand more to go..

Just finished yesterday — at STONEWALLgallery.
January, 27th, 2013
Picked two paintings I wasn't too into to give up for charity. As for the one on the left, I didn't really think the lobster should stand alone. "Whats it doing?" i thought. Its in space!

Happy birthday Ursula!
December, 1st, 2012

Frst New Painting in Like a Year
November 13 2012 8:47PM

Tech Doc
Also Oct ?, 2012

Me advertising my friend's business..
My First Digital Painting.
Oct 7, 2012 6:16 PM

Middle of Moving
Jul 26, 2012 6:58 AM

I've been in the middle of moving domain host for my site for the past 4 months. Also have been super busy trying to find more work, building respectable press kit, and still trying to make you new art.
May 16th 2012

This piece's theme is analog machines. Some people miss the tangibility of old machines.